F/B/O Services, Inc. is a Multi-Family Office (MFO) dedicated exclusively to serving individuals, families and their related interests. It is privately owned and is independent of the families served.

Our family business office provides accounting (bill paying, bookkeeping, financial statement preparation, special report preparation), tax services (compliance and planning), and fee only financial planning.

F/B/O Services, Inc. does not:

- provide independent accounting opinions.

- have corporate trust powers.

- practice law.

F/B/O Services, Inc. is independent and free of conflicts in providing financial, tax, and accounting advice and services.

Our approach to handling financial affairs enables one to organize and conduct one’s personal business as professionally as one would conduct a commercial business. We have the staff, capabilities, and experience to accomplish this.

Entities served by F/B/O Services, Inc:

Families, individuals and their related interests including:




•LLCs & LLPs



•Farms and corporations

•Non-profit organizations